Ultraviolet Add-On Systems | Whole House Filtration
bbuv-15810 ultraviolet big blue system add-on 220v

BBUV-66061 / LBH6-252A BB UV Add-on 220V

Although the B. David Nanotechnology purification systems are stand-alone, an additional ultraviolet module can be added. We’re proud to have partnered with Luminor and can now pair our BDC-6000BB Nanotechnology Certified Whole House Purification System with their Blackcomb NSF55-A UV, adding extra protection and dual-redundancy. Ultraviolet is a component of sunlight that destroys pathogens such as viruses, bacteria, and mold. When ultraviolet rays reach the DNA of the microbes, they cause modifications in the DNA of organisms that transmit incorrect codes and cause the death of the microbe.