5 gallon bucket system – wp 1924


WP-1924: Water purification in the most challenging of environments can be difficult, which is why the Peace Corps and many other relief agencies around the world use the B. David Company Portable Gravity Fed Water Purification System. This easy to use and portable system incorporates a four stage process that includes a two phase pre-filtration, Nanotechnology filtration, and a specialty carbon cartridge that collaboratively removes sediment, bacteria, cysts, assorted chemicals, odors and greatly enhances taste. Unlike the much older ceramic candle technology in other systems, ours removes viruses by using the most advanced proprietary water filtration technology available.

The Portable Water Gravity Fed Water Purification System is a 4-stage process:

Stage 1: Pre-filter Net – The Pre-filter Net is located on the top bucket and removes large particles of sediment and debris.

Stage 2: Pre-filter Sleeve – This helps with the additional removal of finer particles. This sleeve is placed on the first stage filter.

Stage 3: Nano Filtration – (.015 microns) – removes dirt, debris, waterborne bacteria, viruses and cysts. No chemicals are used! No pump needed. Incorporating the principle of electro-adhesion, Nano Filtration:

  • Reduces viruses up to 99.995%
  • Reduces bacteria up to 99.9999%
  • Reduces parasitic protozoan cysts such as Giardia and Cryptosporidium
  • Removes waterborne contaminants such as bacteria, cysts, viruses and colloidal particles
  • Captures particles as large as tens of microns or as small as a few nanometers
  • Lowest Pressure Drop – Comparable to a 2-3 µ/micron filter
  • Wide pH Ranges – Effective from pH 4 to pH 9
  • High Dirt and particulate retention – Up to 25 times of a conventional filter
  • Removes some micro-pharmaceuticals
  • Reduces lead to below Federal Action Level of 10 ppb

 Stage 4: Specialty Carbon – Removes assorted chemicals, bad taste, odor and additional contaminants.

B. David Company Portable Water Gravity Fed Water Purification System Features:

  • Gravity fed delivery system, no external water pressure required
  • Portable, light weight, easy to use
  • Field tested, durable design
  • Highly transportable
  • Delivers pure and safe drinking water
  • Produces up to 6 gallons of water per hour
  • This is the only portable system that removes viruses, bacteria and cysts without the use of any chemicals. A ceramic or hand pump does not have this capability.