BDC-3000BBUV Whole House Nano Point of Entry System with UV Module

Although the B. David Nanotechnology purification systems are stand-alone, an additional ultraviolet module can be added to the Whole House Systems for the extra protection of a dual-redundant system. This system adds the ultraviolet module to the BDC-3000BB Nanotechnology Whole House Purification System adding extra protection and dual-redundancy.

Ultraviolet is a component of sunlight that destroys pathogens such as viruses, bacteria, and mold. When ultraviolet rays reach the DNA of the microbes, they cause modifications in the DNA of organisms that transmit incorrect codes and cause the death of the microbe.

This BDUV3000BBUV Nanotechnology Filtration Whole House System with Ultraviolet Module includes:

  • RS-62 20” Sediment Filter with S1
  • RB-51 20” Advanced Carbon Block with C1
  • RP-200 20” Nano Filter
  • BBUV-15810 Ultraviolet Big Blue System Add-on 220V

The Ultraviolet Module Add-on contains these replacement parts:

  • BBUV-36002 Ultraviolet Big Blue Lamp 220V
  • BBUV-36003 Ultraviolet Big Blue Sleeve 220V
  • BBUV-44302 Big Blue Ultraviolet Module 220V

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