BD70CC-1 / 1.0CF Turbidity Removal System with Back Wash Control (110 or 220 volt)

The BD70CC-1/1;CF Turbidity and Sediment Removal System with Back Wash Control clarifies water, removes rust, particles and very fine sediment down to 5 microns while also removing fine silt. Unlike filter cartridges, this system will not restrict flow or pressure. The automatic back wash control assures that the media stays clean resulting in less maintenance and filter replacement(s). The system includes the tank, backwash control valve, and bypass valve.

The BD70CC-1/1.0CF provides:

  • Backwash control valve for low pressure drop
  • Easy to service
  • Trouble-free performance with little or no maintenance
  • Vortech advanced inner distributor technology, which allows 30% less backwash water and lower flow rate requirements
  • Silt Removal
  • Self-cleaning
  • No chemicals or salt required
  • Wastewater polishing with exceptional total suspended solids (TSS) removal
  • Filters down to 5 microns
  • High Flow Rate
  • Backwashes based on flow and/or days of the week
  • Gallons-per-minute displayed on the screen for easy tracking of flow rate and measuring water usage from fixtures and appliances

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