3011 Single Green Mosquito Net

Important Notice: Due to the worldwide Zika virus concern, mosquito net orders will be processed on a first come basis.

The B. David Mosquito Nets are certified for either field or domestic use, manufactured with a specialized insecticide application that offers the best, most comprehensive protection from the Zika virus, Leishmaniasis, Yellow Fever, Malaria, Encephalitis, etc. Our nets are made from a proprietary multifilament thread, which allows them to last at least three-times longer than other conventional store bought nets – minimizing replacement and maximizing investment. Shipments can be sent domestically or to most any international location.

A world renowned entomologist assisted the B. David Company with the scientific development of our nets and continues as a staff consultant.

Other features include: 

  • Used in 80+ countries in some of the most challenging of environments
  • Top WHO product designation / Whopes 2 certified
  • Meets United States flammability regulations
  • Proprietary insecticide application guaranteed for 30 washings
  • Military grade strength
  • Retains insecticide far longer than a conventional net via a controlled release application
  • Contains a UV protection system that protects the insecticide against sunlight

Current Users: US Government Agencies, Military, and NGO

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