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B. David Water Filtration
World Health Through Dynamic Filtration Systems

Drinking water: The B. David Company is a global innovator in the development of residential water purification systems for the United States Foreign Service. We incorporate multiple proprietary technologies that have third party certification tested to P-231 NSF guidelines. With 28 years of experience, in five continents, and 130+ locations, we understand the entire federal requisition process from procurement to international shipping and delivery. Insect-borne illness: Our proprietary WHOPES 2 mosquito nets offer the most comprehensive protection from disease transmitting insects and associated illness such as malaria, dengue and yellow fever, and Zika virus.


  • Partners

    We’ve provided environmentally friendly, customized whole-home water purification systems for some of the largest international organizations as well as many branches of the U.S. Government. Our…

  • Technology

    After years of research, development and extensive testing, the B. David Company is pleased to offer our new 4000 Nanotechnology Certified Under Counter System. This is…

  • Services

    Services and procedures involved in the customization process for each water purification system includes: evaluation, product selection, product sampling, production and on-going follow up.

  • Products

    Since 1990, the B. David Company has been working closely with U.S. Government agencies and the Foreign Service Department to develop and supply drinking water solutions…